Works of Taika Okahara

It will be 50 years next year since I I was fascinated landscape painting drawn by Sesshu, and started drawing Sumie art.
I will be 60 years old,so I would like verify my work with beginner’s mind at this time.
Nanga, that I drawing is a Critically Endangered janre in the world of modern japanese art. Ones of traditional sumie style Kano school and Maruyama school has distappeared in the stream of modern and recent history.
I am very concerning if Nanga will become extinct and traditional “brush techniques” of Japanese art will be also disappeared.
Of course, I understand that the things become unnecessary in the daily life will be gone. However, I, who study “brush technique” as traditional art, cannot let the light of this tradition off. I’d appreciate it if you could give us even a little understanding about “brush technique” as traditional art living in modern times. I will keep working to light up the corner of this traditional art techniques.