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First time I met ” Sumie ” was when I was ten years old. A small ink drawing frontispiece of a book I borrowed from the library of elementary school decided my life totally.
I was fascinated by the frontispiece and got tipsy with a child’s mind.
After a while, my mother found an Ink drawing artist who is in a retirement home in the neighborhood and I learned the basics of Ink drawing from her. She – Seiho Katada was a nearly ninety years old lady at that time. Actually, she did not teach me how to draw Ink drawings directly. I sometimes visited her place with treats as souvenirs, and just watched while she was drawing. However, in retrospect, I think the influence from her made the base of my view of drawings absolutely. And I found out that my ink drawings belong to a ” Nanga ” janre at that time.
After that, I began to think I really wanted to learn Ink drawings seriously when I was 12 years old. And I became a disciple of Souri Matsushima who is an Nanga artist through an introduction by an art supply store of my acquaintance. I was instructed by him during junior and high school. Since then, I have been drawing Nanga steadily for fifty years.
From the point of view of contemporary art, Nanga is an abandoned art from the times. When Nihonga changed from ” an art with drawing” to ” an art with painting”, the role of Nanga was finished. One of the reasons is Nanga became patterned and depersonalized.
So, if the first principle of contemporary art is unique, my drawings are not an art. And I am not an artist. In the first place, I define and encourage the development of Nanga as a traditional culture, so that I do not think I am an artist.
Up until now and from now on, I live as one of an artisan.
I will be sixtieth this year, I only see the narrow but straight road in front of me.